I am looking for any help regarding Asterisk TFTP Server

Dear Friends

I have been searching for a tutorial on how to use TFTP server in side Elastix Or FreePBX Or CentOS and AsterisNow.

i have been able to install the TFTP Server Via Commands Like

yum install tftp-server
chkconfig xinetd on
chkconfig tftp on

till this point i am familiar with, But how can i move files to the server ?!
i have some Cisco 7940 Phones i want to put the configuration files and the firmware in the server so that they get provisioned. please friends guide me how to modify the folders on the TFTP server and how to move the files to the server.

thanks alot, hope my point was clear

waiting for your replies :smiley:

This is part of the OS, not of Asterisk. You could move files to it using FTP or physical media.

can you show me how to use its with an ftp program

i tried cuteftp

i put the ip address of the asterisk server and put the user as root and password as i first set it when installing and port number was 21 but still cant connect.

can you show me how ? or guide me plz

n40lab.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/ … ion-files/

I installed filezilla FTP server on my laptop and would use a directory on my computer as a container so to speak for the files I had on my Windows machine that I wanted to get onto the Asterisk Machine. I would FTP from the Asterisk box to my laptop and do a get, or mget to grab the files I needed.

It’s also an easy method using put or mput to backup your config files from your ect/asterisk directory to get them on your laptop incase you ever need to reload things on your Asterisk box.