Issue with Cisco 7940

Hi. I have gotten as far as setting up a TFTP server to send my configuration files to the phone. The phone has been flashed with a SIP firmware, (which the phone successfully pulls off of the TFTP server). The phone downloads all required files off of the TFTP server, but for some reason, will still not register with asterisk. All of my extension login details are correct. Just to give some further reference to the situation, I have a Yealink T20 configured and registered correctly to a different extension than the one that i have configured to the cisco phone. Would anyone mind taking a look at my configuration files just to see if I missed something stupid? Thought it would be worth mentioning that I started with setup-cisco to build on.

Link to a zip of the configuration files (for those not familiar with google drive, click file then download to download the .zip)

I omitted the firmware files so Cisco would not come down on me for hosting them for the world to see.

Thank you very much,

Forgot to mention, the asterisk cli output shows no interaction from the phone. I can post a output from the cli if requested, but the phone generates no information during reboot.

Did you set qualify = no and nat = no in the extensions configuration?

This is necessary for the 7960’s and 7940’s from my experience. It seems they do not register wihtout these adjustments.

Hey shawn0,

I got some Cisco 79** phones too. My configuration files are not SIP but SEP.

Have you set up the correct ip address for the TFTP server on the phone ?

What firmware are you using ? With 9.* version, I didn’t manage to get my Cisco registering with asterisk.

If you want some debug, you can run

tcpdump | grep tftp to see if there is any interactions with your tftp server. You will be able to see what file the phone is trying to retrieve. It will surely help you !