TFTP setup

How do I setup TFTP or can I use any FTP server to donwload configuration files. I am trying to do it for Polycom IP 501 phones. Also where do I get these configuration files? Obviously the initial file is on the phone but how do I get it from the phone to the ftp server. I want to setup one and then create all the other configuration files for the other phones so I dont have to go to each phone and the painful browser of the Polycom phones to configure it.


Don’t bother with TFTP for Polycoms; use FTP. The default configurations are included with the SIP firmware image; hack the files to your heart’s content and deploy them.

Generally speaking, you’ll have to get the firmware and admin guide documentation from the vendor who sold you the phones. If you went the eBay route, then consult the wiki page about Polycom phones.

If you’ve been to the wiki already for configuration samples, do be aware that some things have moved around between files. Your best bet is to use grep to find which file you actually need to change.

Edit: FTP shouldn’t be linked, the board’s doing it by itself.