Hw configuration ideas


i need your opinion about two systems, one will serve as a remote asterisk server / call center with remote agents (50 agents max), and another asterisk server should run also anywhere from 30 calls and more in a chat room environment. Here by i mean some general ideas, doesn’t need to be so much calculated. Just want to get into the logic of it. So basically the first system should have a good internet connection and a fixed ip, and of course enough power to apply audio encoding (saves bandwidth afaik) and record the calls. The second system will probably have incoming calls through E1 or the like, and should have enough power to do all the routing in the chatrooms. Please express your ideas here on what should be the guidelines when choosing the equipement. Are there some precompiled asterisk based chatroom (for instance love chat) softwares that are somewhat easy customizable (like IVR)?

Thanks in advance, much appreciated!