New Asterisk PBX System *Suggestions Appreciated*

Hello Everyone!

I am new to these wonderful forums as you can all see :smile:

If anyone will be so kind to guide me in the right direction it will be much appreciated. I am going to write what type of Asterisk configuration we need.

We have a main office where the physical PBX is going to reside. Then we have offices all around the country. I will call these “Remote Offices”

What we need is a central Asterisk PBX system and our main office needs to have the ability to pre-program a VOIP phone to send out to our remote locations where all they will need to do is plug and play in a broadband environment. Each phone being sent out is going to have it’s own extension and I will need the ability to monitor these phones and give them access to outgoing phone lines.

We are going to have a main 800 number that will access the PBX system and then they should receive voice prompts such as 1. For Sales 2. Customer Service 3. Billing 4. Dial any extension.

I will also need VoiceMail for all extensions that can be accessed remotely from any location including from their own phone.

I am going to have 4 lines to start with and I need room to expand to 20 lines. I dont think we are ready for T1’s at this point however it will be an option later on.

Do our remote locations need static IPs? can they be dynamic? does each phone need a VPN Router? can they work without VPN and without static IPs?

I need Paging ability as well where I can page an office or page all offices at once.

I also need a call queue system in place.

This should be a good start for anyone that can point me in the right direction.

Thank you guys!

Yes. Asterisk can all that you have asked for.

How many phones do you plan on having at these remote offices ? If it is one or two you can throw them behind a router without a problem. If you have several phones you may want to put a smaller pbx in each location and have them all connect to the main one. The phones from the out side do not need static IP’s. You dont have to but it will make it easier if the server has a static IP. You can program the phones in the main office and then send them out. With asterisk you have the ability to listen in on calls, record them etc. Asterisk has full IVR support (1 for sales, 2 for billing etc.) It also supports VM. It also has paging. It also supports Queue’s. Hope this clears up some things for you. Good luck.

I foresee that Skype is majority in VOIP. I think Skype gateway is necessary.

Skype is a closed source system, and while they may be popular with the unkempt masses, they will never be a player in the corporate PBX world.

why you would suggest them is beyond me…your post strikes me as very random.

[quote=“The Website Master”]Hello Everyone!

like Dovid said, everything you want to do, Asterisk can handle, with ease. Good luck, and let us know if you need anything else.