Please Advice on this Project

Hi Guys,

Here is what we are looking at setting up soonest on a project;

  1. An Asterisk Solution with over 3000 extensions.

  2. Can act as a Voice Gateway/DID for 1000 to 3000 DID Lines.

  3. Voicemail for over 500 users.

  4. A Billing system for entire setup. (should also bill extension to extension calls).


I need advice on things like;

a. What servers to use (I have Dell PowerEdge 2950’s in mind) and how many will be needed for entire setup. (Load Balancing in mind)

b. How many E1/T1 Cards to use. (With Spares)

c. What billing System or Software to implement. (Considering that Ext. to Ext. Calls will also be billed).

d. What Backup method/Strategy should be employed for entire setup (including backing up the billing System/Software).

e. Which IPPhones/Softphone will best fit in.

f. Which Asterisk Management Application will best fit in. (putting in mind that IPPhone end point will be managed remotely).

Any advice with diagrams or design will be highly appreciated.

Cheers to All.

There are plenty of unknowns in your project specifications that any specific advice would be a shot in the dark.

I’d first suggest you take a look at the dimensioning page on the voip-info wiki … mensioning. Using the erlang calculators and your requirements will determine how many ports you would need.

There are a few companies that offer a “packaged” solution that may fit in for your needs. Note, I have not used any of these so I cannot vouch for their implementations. are the names I’ve seen around the mailing lists and IRC channels.

Hope this helps.