Setting Outbound Call Center

Hello to all the forum members and thanks a lot to all the developers and contributors of Asterisk for developing such a beautiful open source application.

I am newbie to Asterisk so i need some help from the experts. I want to setup an Outbound Call center of 5 seater.

I want asterisk server to run on the following configuration

  1. Processor - Intel i5
  2. Motherboard - Intel DH55TC
  3. RAM - 4 GB
  4. HDD - Segate Barracuda 1TB

is the configuration is enough for my setup. Do i need any extra hardware or software for my setup other than the internet connection. The client machine will connect to the server. Can i run the [b]GoAutoDial/b which is a complete package for call center on this setup.

For calling i have to buy only SIP account from VOIP provider? Is there any other way to do so? And if i buy an account from the VOIP provider how many SIP channels i have to buy? And what is the concept of SIP channels (i have seen it in the Skype Connect)? Is there any provider who provide unlimited SIP channels so that i can use according to my wish?

Is there any company which can provide less call rates than Skype and provide good VOIP quality? I have seen Localphone ( it provide much cheaper call rates than Skype but the site does not provide the number of SIP channels that they will provide for the VOIP and i don’t know the quality of service they provide.

Thanks to all in advance for helping.

Don’t know the application you want to use, but it uses vickidial which is probably the most commonly used.
You servers are fine, actually overkill for only 5 users I think. Don’t know what the reporting is like on what you want to use, but something you need to consider. I used Queuemetrics, works well.
VOIP provider should be able to supply a trunk with unlimited channels rather than individual SIP channels


Thanks a lot rudio for the help.

Goautodial is the recent version of Vicidial. Your suggestion to Queuemetrics is excellent I have seen the application but is there any open source application that fulfills the functionality of Queuemetrics, as it is a professional version.

Is there no one in this forum to answer my query? Please help. I am really in need.
Thank you.