Asterisk HW Requirements

I’m installing a new server and i’m wondering about the HW configurations that i should need for it.

I’d have nearly always about 500 Simultaneous calls, 8 hours a day for 20 days a month.

I’d be using the g729 codec which uses 8kbps, Of connectivity i’d have direct access to the Internet network at an isp, that way i’d have 100mbit/s of speed, so from the connectibity side everything is fine.

My question now is, What hardware should i need to have my server going on perfectly? (Like CPU, RAM, etc).

That way i can start to see what hardware i need for the server :smile:


How much configuration will you have. I would recommend using SER + Asterisk to handle the calls and have SER load balance the calls over multiple machines. Also have a look at heart beat. I don’t think one server its self can handle 500 concurrent calls. Also will you be doing any trans coding ? I would recommend a few good beefed up servers. (Inter cure duo, 64 bit processor, raid 1 sata or SCSI drives and at least 2 gigs of ram per machine wit fail over NIC’s).

An Asterisk implementation for 500 concurrent calls, maybe with recording them, is a very serious implementation that can’t be done on just one server.

500 concurrent calls using g729 protocol will still need serious bandwidth (10 mb second) This will cost you really a lot because you need 1:1 connections. Normally you share a connection with 10 or more other users.

500 concurrent calls using g729 protocol will need enormous cpu power.

Asterisk isn’t designed to handle 500 concurrent calls on its own. You will need a very well designed implementation with load balancing, functionalities distributed over different servers, fail over mechanisms especially when a serious part of the calls is recorded on the Asterisk implementation etc. etc.

The complexity of this case is I’m afraid, far beyond what you can expect to get answers on on this forum. My advice is to hire a professional consultant and start with a feasibility study (can it it be done, what do I need and what will it cost)

I don’t know if that matters but the calls would be directly routed to another SIP Server, in this case the server would just be used as “routing machine”. I dont know if that matters but thanks anyway :wink:

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