How to make a telephone out of a laptop?

Hi All. I am prabhakaran from Mumbai, india.
Recently I have purchased a broadband connection from Airtel (provider)
They have given me a landline connection as a combo without any telephone instrument (I am not looking for it either). Instead, I want to use my laptop as a phone. I know this is a very simple task to explain for Tech people like you all. let me tell my requirements step by step:

Basic Requirement:
Just to make and receive calls through my laptop using that landline (currently offered an unlimited Local/STD calls)

Mediocre Requirement:
Connect my Cell phone (Android lollipop) to the laptop and configure it to enable my mobile device to dial and receive the landline calls too.

Advanced requirement:
Use the same broadband connection to remotely call (making calls only is enough if reception is bit difficult) through that landline using my mobile device.

What I think I need to buy to achieve this:
I know I have to buy some thing which will convert the analog telephone signals to a pc (Telephony interface card or a voice modem may be). I am sure a single port device will suffice this scenario. I have neither TIC or a Voice modem. So what should I buy? What are the next steps to achieve the above said thing?

I am a software Engineer by profession. So I believe I can understand the things tough advanced in explaining.

Thanks in advance.

Can’t be possible? No one answered this question :frowning:

The question has too many options and is not very clear.

Also, Asterisk is likely to be overkill.

Can atleast someone suggest to what hardware I should go for? Thanks in advance.

People here would generally not try to interface a laptop to an analogue phone line; they would use SIP via an ITSP. One option would be to use a SIP softphone and a SIP to FXO gateway device, via the ethernet connection.