[HELP] Hardware required to integrate land line phone


I’m new to the Asterisk community, but I’d like to set up my own box soon to provide an SIP server for my laptop, desktop, and hopefully eventually a WiFi SIP phone. I have an office at work that I’m rarely in, and that’s where I want to locate my box. There’s a landline in the office that I’d like to be able to plug into the Asterisk box to receive and make calls on that line.

Can someone tell me what hardware I need to integrate an Asterisk box with an existing land line, both for receiving (primarily) and making calls? I’d like the Asterisk box to intelligently choose whether to place calls over the land line or an SIP provider, but I think that part, from what I’ve read so far, shouldn’t be too hard. What I haven’t found a lot of documentation on is how to integrate existing land lines into the setup.

If someone could point me to a decent tutorial or some relevant documentation, I’d be much obliged. I’m planning on running the box on a dedicated machine with what I imagine is a specialized PCI card for the landline connection. The box will have a static IP and domain, and I will be the sole maintainer. The box will have a very small number of users, initially only 1 (me).

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


  • Michael