How to configure H323 at Asterisk 1.4.17 with FreePBX

Hi, I want to test H.323 protocol on Asterisk 1.4 cause I read somewhere that this protocol is implemented only in older versions of Asterisk. Now I have channel available in /etc/asterisk/modules and after calling “core show channeltypes” in asterisk console I don’t see the H.323 module available.

I understand I define user number, etc through web gui and I can define SIP, IAX2 but H.323 is not possible to define. Any help with that?

Thank you in advance!

You will need to ask on but my guess is that FreePBX doesn’t include it any of their prebuilt versions, even assuming they still have nine year old images.

Did you check the chan_ooh323 field before compiling asterisk?

After doing so, you will need to do make, make install, make samples and make config. You will first need to save all of your important asterisk files to a folder before doing so.

To make a h323 call, asterisk needs a gatekeeper called gatekeeper (it will have to be installed on another machine).

Follow these screenshots for the gatekeeper installation.

1 2 3 4 6

1 2 3 5

7 8 10 12 13 14

you have to do gnugk -tt to launch it.

At the asterisk server level, you will need to edit the file ** ooh323.conf **:
ooh 323

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thank you for your swift reply.

I’m trying to install any version of Asterisk with H.323 on my laptop with Linux Mint on board.
I can’t go through all steps and install DAHDI, LIBPRI or PWLIB.
Do I need to install specified version of DAHDI, LIBPRI to install compatible version of Asterisk?
How I can find which version of DAHDI, LIBPRI drivers are compatible with Asterisk 13, 15, 17 etc?


DAHDI is a kernel driver and needs to match the precise version of the running kernel.

So while I run command
“sudo apt-get install dahdi”
it will install automatically the best (and the newest) version of DAHDI for dedicated operating system?
I follow the steps here:
but it is impossible to install and compile asterisk with linux mint…

Looking at the descriptions, it only actually installs the non-kernel parts.

Also, I think 1.4.17 may have been before Zaptel was re-branded to DAHDI.

If you use the latest H.323 compatible version, I’d be surprised if you needed DAHDI at all, although it is possible that the H.323 support has hard coded dependencies on DAHDI that haven’t been removed. On VoIP systems DAHDI was only needed for timing and conference bridging. It hasn’t been needed for timing since about 1.8, and the confbridge application doesn’t need it.

Also, the Asterisk project has no say on how Debian, and therefore Ubuntu, organize packages.

“I think 1.4.17 may have been before Zaptel was re-branded to DAHDI”
I tried to install ASTERISK 1.4.17 without DAHDI, you said it shouldn’t require DAHDI but it requested other packages. I used Package manager and it should install all necessary drivers for asterisk…
However installation of Asterisk doesn’t go through.

I need to use conferences in simple network by protocol H.323 as well.
Linux Mint is Debian distribution I think.

I can see directory /etc/asterisk/ and files ooh323.conf and others but while trying to install
and it shows fails with ooh323…



I finally installed Asterisk ver 13.18.3 with
DAHDI 2.11.1,
libpri-dev 1.6.0 and
libpjsip 2.7.2
Also I’m trying to confingure gatekeeper and set user extensions at the same machine but I can’t see possibility to set Asterisk IP in GNUGK or other way… How to set GNUGK’s IP in asterisk configuration? I want to have GNUGK in local IP

Is it possible?


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