Asterisk H323


hope anybody can help me with this situation. I need to accept incoming call from quitum via H323 and send back the call back to quintum via H323. Ho do i go around this?..I never configured h323 in asterisk before. Can anyone provide me step by step how to configure h323 calls in Asterisk. really appreciate it…


Hey man, its not that difficult, the main thing is getting the pwlib and the open h323 installed, go to … with+oh323 and they have a good guide there.

good luck!!

BTW oh323 is better than h323 in my opinion.


thanks for replying man , i managed to install oh323 module from asterisk-addons-1.4.5…now the modules is in my /usr/lib/asterisk/modules…my question is…do I still need to install pwlib and openh323 library?..

cheers. :smiley:

looks like you have to start over, you must first install pwlib, oh323 then asterisk then addons, in that order.

good luck!


thanks for replying again…i will do it all over again…if I’m facing difficulties during installation, hope you can help…


hi REEF,

managed to install pwlib and openh323…had problem wif oh323 though…I tried with 3 different source asterisk-oh323

  1. asterisk-oh323-0.6.5
  2. asterisk-oh323-0.6.6-pre1
  3. asterisk-oh323-0.7.2-pre1

had problem during “make” process

If I just compile oh323 from asterisk-addons would I be able to run asterisk oh323?