H.323 And Asterisk

Good Day All,

I find myself having to support one h.323 channel in order to interface with a system who administrators will not (for their own reasons) use SIP. I have googled around for the past few days and found a number of way to build this functionality into asterisk.

Anybody have any hints on the best way to semi painlessly build in h.323 support. I am running asterisk 1.4.28. I have seen stuff about the built in support that will build if you have pwlib and openh323 environments set up just right. I have also heard about ooh323 and oh323. I have to say I am a bit confused and would some direction.


I never got h323 or oh323 to compile on my system. I was able to get ooh323 to work but it would crash Asterisk pretty often. If you have a few calls here and there it may not be that bad. You can compile ooh323 via the Asterisk-Addons package.

Thanks! I acutely got chan_h323 to compile that is included in the asterisk source. It seems to work fine. Although I am only using it to accept one call from a Cisco Voice Gateway. But it has not failed me yet.

How did you compile it ?

It first required compiling specific versions of… openh323_v1_18_0 and pwlib_v1_10_3

Then the configure script still have some error about not finding a proper openh323 environment and I just had to add that path to… well the path and it found it. I was then able to do a make menuselect on the asterisk source, asterisk- to be exact and I was able to choose chan_h323 from the channel drivers list. After that asterisk was re-compiled with no problems.