Asterisk + H.323 protocol - Need helps

I am doing my project in term of H.323 protocol using Asterisk server. Actually I did search loads of information how to enable H.323 in Asterisk, but so far nothing has been progressing. I have tried with many versions of Asterisk (2,6,8,11) running on Debian OS and other corresponding addons comprising: Libpri, PWlib (Ptlib), Zaptel, asterisk-addons, asterisk-oh323. Basically, I did follow the steps in this tutorial: … -h323.html, and I also tested with different versions of each Asterisk as well as addons; but I could not enable H.323 on Asterisk (used core show channeltypes to check its availability).
Please save me by giving me some advices in term of which versions of Asterisk and addons I should utilise to enable H.323 protocol. I am just a newbie at Asterisk.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there!
Here is how I use H.323 with Asterisk.

  1. Download asterisk source code (I still use 1.8)
  2. When installing from source you can run “menuselect”. There in channel drivers section check ooh323 driver
  3. Compile and install asterisk
    You will have a working version of asterisk with ooh323 driver.

I used this tutorial but it was a long time ago. On the otehr side I don’t expect things to have radically changed so it’s worth trying.

Many thanks for your responds, I had also tried to conduct the help lines from the website as loway_ch shown, or simply as followed the steps like bichara instructed me, but I could not get it until 3 days ago. Finally I have successfully installed ooh323.c on Asterisk. I downloaded the newest version of Asterisk and followed the instructions from so many sources on the Internet, especially installed a lot of additional packages for my Debian OS and ooH323 protocol. Up still now, It is working fine, even though I also get some error notifications since running ooh323 like “rtp read too short” or something like that.
I wonder that H.235.8 supports SRTP protocol. I am just using softphones to simulate my demo, so there are not the real VOIP devices there, so do you know any softphone that supports SRTP for H.323 protocol?

Thank you,