How does everyone test their Asterisk stack?

I’ve seen topics like this raised in the past with very little to no real answers, and mostly in older posts (several years old). So it might be worth to address this again.

I think it might help everyone sharing insights when it comes to this part of the development process.
We’re running dozens of Asterisk servers with our own configuration layer (like FreePBX is). Our development is very active and new features are added frequently and existing ones improved/expanded.

How does everyone approach testing? Are there ways to somehow test all callflows and features other than putting several people on it for many hours? Or is that the way to go - have a test-setup ready to go, with several different devicetypes. Several callflows and features set up. And just run through several testing-procedures for each feature/flow to make sure everything is working as its meant to.
I know there are several tools for automated testing, like SIPp. Great for testing the basics I suppose, but those can’t possible also check whether all phones are ringing properly and in the right order for example. And whether the right action is triggered on a certain DTMF input after a specific soundprompt.

Right now we’re testing very selectively around a new feature to make sure things work. But we’ve encountered issues when something was affected in callflows or features in very specific ways which might have been prevented if all features were tested thoroughly.

This must be something everyone runs into (once in while)!

In other words: what’s your procedure (in rough lines) when it comes to testing everything? Or is complete testing something which is not really done in practice? Or just schedule the time to test everything thoroughly and frequently?

Thanks in advance for sharing your insights!

Hello, we have lot of tests around our platform, like unit test, 2e2, scale … So we don’t test directly an asterisk feature in general because there is an asterisk test suite, but we test features we built on the top.
Check GitHub - wazo-platform/wazo-acceptance: Automated acceptance tests for the Wazo Platform UC use case for exemple.
We use jenkins and zuul in general for the CI/CD and we have some specific dev for testing the load/charge of the platform. I don’t think there is an universal response for this question.


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Thanks for the reply Sylvian. That there is no one answer to this was already something I feared. Would be too good to be true. Testing our own features built on to the Asterisk platform is exactly what I’m looking for / into. I’ll take a look at your repo on how you approach these matters.

To this date I haven’t stumbled into Zuul nor Jenkins, so lots to read up on. Thanks again!

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