Asterisk Test Tools & Test Automation?

If this topic better belongs in another forum, let me know.

With the exception of Digium maintaining & developing the core platform of Asterisk, Asterisk is available as open source.

I was wondering, from an open source development perspective, has there been open source testing of Asterisk? Testing as in terms of call feature capabilities with analog phones, SIP phones, and SIP softphones. Load testing with call generation, etc.

If yes, has there been testing done using test tools or automated tests? And if yes again, what tools are being used? Open source tools or commercial tools, etc.? Custom in-house developed tools?

Sorry if I seem to be prying in on the Asterisk test process but I’m asking out of curiosity since telecom platforms are different from standard software testing, so it would present challenges in terms of automating some of the testing.