ASTERTEST: please help

Hi at everybody… I have to simulate the powerfull of my Asterisk PBX… (how many call, different codecs , different protocol).

I found in a nice stress tolls, but unluckely it works only for IAX2 channels, i want to test also with SIP and H323.

If there is some one that could give me some advice about how to test the sip and h323 in with this tools or How can i do to do my test also with different tolls?


Here is something for load testing sip

[quote=“rusty”]Here is something for load testing sip[/quote]

i’ve been playing with this for a half hour now, and can’t seem to get it to generate traffic successfully…if anyone has a quickie tutorial on getting this to work with asterisk, please post.

thanks for posting this rusty - i didn’t know it existed.

When i was setting up our asterisk box, i was in need of a stresstest too, couldnt find one, at least nothing easy to handle.

I did it the old way at the end:
Knowing that each call is getting up 2 channels (A and B), i just took like 10 computers in the office with a softphone fired up.

That way i had 20 cannels up.

I called into voicemails, MOH, some channels bridged, some pressing keys like crazy forcing the VM system to read the helpfile all time.

One was recording his own voicemail, the other parked, fished back etc etc etc.

That is putting stress on the machine, cause the only thing REALLY causing load on asterisk is soundconversion (MOH, codes etc) and Echocancellation.

The CPU wasnt exceeding 15% in that test and no drops, soundissues nothing.

I just remember seeing it on the wiki I have never tried it