Testing Anyone....?

I’m still a newbie at most of this telephony science but I’ve finally got the hang of the generic setup…at least I think I do…so I would like to ask if anyone out there would like to assist with some testing of this PBX server I’ve managed to get limping along.

I don’t have any fancy equipment or cards. Just a FreeBSD server running behind another FreeBSD/Firewall/Gateway to my cable modem connection to the Internet. I only have X-Tel Lite as my softphone. If I can make it to this weekend I’ll try to buy a real IP phone for more testing.

I would like to try seeting up a connections across the Internet to other Asterisk servers and visa-versa, either via sip or iax2.

The best thing to do would be to set a connection with FWD Dialup (fwd.pulver.com) where they have both SIP/IAX2 connections available. It is a community that does exactly what you are asking.