Looking for any test suites or packages

I’m an asterisk newbie (but 30 yrs experience with *nix systems) and I need to setup a testbed where I can put Asterisk (1.6) under various loads etc. Astertest seems to be a dead site and I can’t find any other references to existing tests. I’d rather not start from scratch and I have to believe there are test suites out there. I’d really appreciate any pointers. Thanks.


If you want to test SIP in * I would suggest http://sipp.sourceforge.net

jdk, you’ll still need to setup some dialplan logic.
SIPp is used to generate calls. You can do a good load test with this.

What are you exactly load testing?
How many concurrent calls, how much recording, how many conference callers, how many registrations etc…

The common scenario is concurrent calls.
If you want to test registrations, I put up some info here wiki.opencsta.org/index.php/SIPp … 1.6.1_beta

Well, I’m even sure I can yet answer the question about ‘what load’ I need to test. My client is having deadlocks. I’ve looked at core dumps but haven’t found anything yet.

I’d just like to be able to pound on an Asterisk system in various ways and see if I can create any deadlocks.

Thanks for posting that, I’ll check it out.

Let us know if you need help with anything - making scenarios up for SIPp. I’m going to have to write a bunch of test scenarios in a couple of weeks, so if you need anything done let me know - it’ll be a good way to start on it early.

Particularly if you have agents and queues. I have to load test several queuing scenarios soon.

What’s the config like on the one that deadlocks?
Agents/Queuing, Conferencing, How many SIP/IAX clients/trunks etc… and what version?