Testing SW or testscripts for asterisk, does it excist?

Need to test the server to see how many concurrent calls can be made without loss in quality. Often there is some software that handles the testing for various of applications.

Does this excist for asterisk?

What I have in mind is to automate the process of testing, so a script or something run maybe a pre recorded message when the calls are picked up, or something like this.

I suppose you don’t have access to a Spirent Abacus…

When I’m done doing performance evals with an Abacus I’ll post up.

You are correct, I do not have Spirent Abacus.
It is expensive? Or open-source maybe?

spending $ is out of my leag, cause I am doing asterisk for our dorms at my university. But in order to see how many lines I can put togheter I would need some testing, and it seems like blunt work to do it by hands.
Blunt and unaccurate.
Would hate to make a big fuzz about lines in so and som many rooms just to see it all fall apart due to over eager planning, or too slow HW. And as I allready stretch my budget spending $ on some HW in order to set aasterisk up I can’t afford to spend any on testing SW. Students are not too whealthy u know.

Well if there is other ideas I am listening.

Ok I try another approach.
Is there a script or program I can use to see how many concurrent convertions of sound (codecs) my system can run?
If I figure out how the sound compression affects the CPU I could take it from there, right?

For the actuall calls the bandwith will be the bottleneck, rather then the server. Is this correct?

Hmm. Reading the wiki, the asterisk book and now even bought another O’Reily book on VOIP I still have problems understanding the limitations of the HW. What I mean I see people posting that they have tested n number of calls on machine x with good result.

so there must be a way to make the tests? A link or a tip pls.