Help with Red alarm on T4xxp(PCI) card 0 span 1

I got a wct4xxp card with 4T1 ports and a wctdm card with 4 fxs ports, I need to use only one T1 for now. with current configuration, I do not get any errors when I do ztcfg and start asterisk, but the zttool shows red alarm on first and second T1 ports. On the other two ports alarm is ok but on the card itself they dont have the green light on like they should.
I modprob t4xxp card first and wctdm card second. this how the channels look like now
span 1: TE4/0/1
channel 1-24
span 2: TE4/0/2
channel 25-48
span 3: TE4/0/3
channel 49-72
span 4: TE4/0/4
channel 73-96
span 5: wctdm fxoks
channel 97-100

Since I need to use only one T1 port, in zaptel.conf
I have configured

in zapata.conf for pri part I have
channel => 1-23


Make sure you are using the correct cable. In most cases you will use a T1 crossover cable. If you are using a T1 cross over cable then try a straight through cable. Also check with telco to see if they have everything turned up on their end.