TDM400 appears to be OK when it's not

I got a TDM400 pci with 1 FXO and 1 FXS (dev kit) and I’m following the guidance from the book ‘Asterisk: The Future Of Technology’.

I installed the zaptel drivers and configured the zaptel.conf and zapata.conf as the book says for the FXO only as a test. When I run zttool it detects the card and the alarm is ‘OK’ when there is no line connected to any port. Also, it won’t pickup the phone even though extensions.conf is configured to do so, like this: (I send the call to [incomming] from zaptel.conf.)

[incomming] exten => s,1,Answer() exten => s,2,Echo()
The question is, shouldn’t the card have a ‘RED’ alarm when there is no line connected?

If I followed all the steps described in Chapter 4 of the book for testing the FXO module, what could be happening?

As far as I am aware (and my TDM400 does this) the lights on the back of the card come on green when the modules are loaded for them, with nothing else connected.

The card works fine, the situation I posted is not an issue.