Help on Production Environment


Personally, I use Elastix 2.5 as a PBX in production, and the customer was interested in the Call Center tool.

Is Elastix Call Center reliable for use in production?

We’ll have about 50 agents and 4 queues. Inbound and Outbound campaigns running concurrently with reporting and such.

If someone can tell me how your environment is, how big the production is and if the report part works cool, thank you very much !!!

Thank you all,

Elastix is a dead product.

For now is working well and meeting expectations.

Did you ever use the elastix call center while still’s “alive”?

The call center module was a “good” addon for small CCs, but it has many bugs with the http ports(yes you need to open a lot of http connections), sometimes the dialer died because no reason and sometimes the DB of the dialer became slow so for production I will not recommend that module nor Elastix at all. Take a look into Queuemetrics it’s a reliable product with a lot of years working with asterisk.

And start thinking in switch servers using elastix to a supported platform or you will have a lot of headaches like the people had in the old days with Trixbox.

thank you for the reply my friend !

my scenario is to support 50 agents maximum, in 4 or 5 queues. it’s a small scenario and i dont have budget to working with queuemetrics at this time, using 2 or 3 inbound campaigns and 1 outbound campaign.

Do you believe that even in this small scenario I still have many problems?


A callcenter should provide a decent income to run decent software at least that is the expected behaviour. Beside that you can try it but remember you get what you pay(and you are using a EOL product right now).


yes, you are right ! but, in this scenario, small numbers of agents and 4 queues, i still have much problems?

Is not the amount of agents or queues is about how many calls and the way of dialerd+database process those calls. Give it a try and let us know.

sure, i will…
thank you for the help !