Build Recomendation

Hello. I’m relatively new to the community. Having built a few test systems using various distros (elastix, freepbx, trixbox, ect) I’m about to build a system for a production environment with about 30 users (5 off site), 12 paths. I will run 5 Auto-attendants and 2 or 3 ques. I’ve selected Polycom 331’s with a few 550’s and a 650+ side car thrown in.
I’m probably going with Gafachi for my trunks. In testing I’ve had GREAT results and they are really eager to lend a helping hand.

So i wanted some guru’s to weigh in with their recommendations.

Firstly, What CURRENT distro would you use in a production environment? Elastix? FreePBX? Asterisk now? (and with which gui)

To me, Elastix looks great, but has too many “features” that could slow down the server and present security holes. FreePBX 2.10 looks promising, but who knows when it will be finished.

Hardware. I’m probably ordering a Dell r310 or R410 for the server. I’m thinking Xeon® X3450, 2.66 GHz Processor and 8 GB of Ram. Sound sufficient for G711? Any noticeable performance benefits of Raid 10 over Raid 1?

Thanks in advance… and i look forward to learning alot! :mrgreen:

You’ve missed the null option, Asterisk source install on CentOS with hand coded dialplans. Your system doesn’t sound large enough to be offloading moves and changes to semi-skilled staff and with a source install you have some chance of fixing Asterisk bugs quickly or doing selective backports of bugs/new features.

Thanks for the response David.

The null option hasn’t escaped me, but not sure I’m ready to try and tackle the dialplans by hand yet. I still consider myself a nix boob as the majority of the company’s i support or 100% MS shops.

This install, though will go into production, is kind of a mutual favor. I’ve doing it for a friend and I have Cart Blanc to “play” around and to it the way i want. So nothing will be offloaded to his staff to administer. I get calls for the simplest password changes there.

So while the null option might be the best route long term, my question really is, Out of the Pre-Packaged distros available… what would be your choice and why?

And my hardware questions still remain! Thanks again