PBX Solution


I have successfully set up and configured Asterisk through an Elastix front end and making successful calls from our CRM using the AMI through TCP/IP. Created a monitor again using the AMI to capture the traffic through the PBX… All good :smile:

Now my MD has given me the task to set up a dialler system for the call center that is scalable. I have looked through various documentation from Elastix, VICIDIAL, freePBX, goAutoDial, asteriskNow and to be honest my brain is frazzled.

I think I could take the easier option and use the Elastix Call center solution which I have already configured, however reading resource on this leads me to believe that this option is not really scalable.

What I am looking for is some advice from developers and sysAdmins like yourselves who have no doubt experienced all that I am about to :smile: and to advise on the pros and cons and what drove you to choose the solution you have.

My current requirements (although I understand they may change as I delve further into the development) is to have a scalable solution where I will still to be able to configure the AMI to integrate with our CRM but also have a dialler solution to handle up to a 100 seat call center.

I would really appreciate your help.


Elastix 2.4
Elastix FreePBX 2.8.1

If you are looking a call center solutions based on Asterisk my suggestion is all the way VICIDIAL. There are Call Center around the world with thousand of seats running under VICIDIAL. Very Powerful, robust and a big support community.