[HELP] MeetMe Conference Issue

I have a conference calling center that has been working great for about three weeks. Crystal clear calling, etc. Today, I was informed that nobody could log into the conference rooms. I called from my cellphone and experienced the same issue as the users. With the CLI open, I saw that the server recognized the incoming call and even went as far as to show that it was playing the “Enter Conference Number” sound. On the cellphone I heard nothing and the DTMF would not allow me to enter a number. I tried again with a land line and it played the sounds just fine. Has anyone experienced this issue with the MeetMe conference rooms before? Here is a quick overview of my setup, just in case:

Voip gateway=Vonage Softphone account
Server=Redhat ES4 (Dell PowerEdge 2550)

Please feel free to email even, if you have any ideas or suggestions. Thank you all in advance.

i had a similar issue a whiel back after a power failure on a non-ups’d system. Narrowed it down to * not playing GSM files… Fixed it by redownload/compile/install *…

Problem has been solved. It was nothing like I had expected. The network engineers here at my company installed some load balancing hardware to keep the internet flowing freely. Unfortunately, when vonage sees two IP’s trying to access 1 softphone account, it starts ignoring both IP’s. The solution was to set up a static NAT to route through 1 IP all the time and not switch between the two. After this, all was well again. For anybody with Vonage, please watch out for this issue. There is not much information or error reporting to solve this one. I had to sit down with 4 other guys and look at what had changed on our network during this “outage”. Thanks for the reply on that, by the way, I HAVE had to recompile for that issue too. It’s not much fun. Also, just let me say that I have enjoyed your replies to other people in these forums. Your information has kept me from posting questions because I was able to find the answers through your links.

glad i could help :smile:

one other unrelated issue- why are you using vonage softphone? i calculated their costs and it’s about 2c/min with 3.9c/min after your 500 mins are up… not a great price. Other services (ie voicepulse connect) charge a lot less, usually around 1-2 cents/min for as many mins as you use. You can also set your outbound caller id, which I don’t think Vonage lets you do…

with such a thing you could buy one incoming DID (number), which would be about $10/mo for non-tollfree, then all your outgoing calls would have that as your caller id, and you could have many calls going at once…

something to think about at least :smile:

I was actually looking at them too for our service, but my boss has a buddy at Vonage. You can have as many calls in/out as your connection can handle with Vonage. The issue was that our load balancer shows 2 separate ip’s and Vonage only allows one server to connect to it at a time.
I was looking at broadvoice for my home server but have not heard much about what users think of them. Have heard any feedback from people using that service? Or would you still recommend Voicepulse?

they are really different services. voicepulse connect is wholesale, you buy numbers+minutes. Broadvoice is a ‘sip line’, you pay a higher fee for the number and unlimited minutes. You also can’t set your caller id on a ‘sip line’.

BV works pretty well, as i recall they need inband dtmf and they get a tad flaky every now and then but for the most part they are pretty good…

Connect.VoicePulse.com is great I love the service.

You get four channels with the account and can add more…

11.00 a month for unlimited inbound DID