DTMF screwed on voipdiscount

Hello not sure if right group, but troubleshot this my myself and found problem is with voipdiscount, as the DTMF tones are being duplicated, meaning I can’t join certain conference calls. I’ve now put in a workaround using a sipgate route for my conference call numbers, very frustrating as seems the tech support is non-existent.
I know I’ll probably get a slap as using freepbx and posting on an asterisk forum, but if any of you clever people know what debugs I need to configure to show this is the case to voipdiscount please let me know.
thanks, Adrian

2 x cisco 7970G’s, 1 x 7971G (running SIP)
1 x 7921G (running SCCP)
1 x softphone (iphone adore app).
1 x raspberry Pi (running Incredible PBX)