Help me to contructs a title android to asteris

it is possible to block caller id in asterisk using android?

Do you want Asterisk server management software that runs on Android or do you want to be able to simple blacklist calls made to and Android softphone?

yes,i would like to block call list from asterisk server or unknown # to prevent also vishing…that would possible or maybe its already exist?

Which system are you using? If you are using Asterisk with FreePBX as the GUI then there are already feature codes setup for blacklisting numbers:

*30 = Blacklist a number
*32 = Blacklist last caller
*31 = Remove blacklisted number

Is that any use to you? Also in FreePBX there is a Setup feature to blacklist numbers globally.

but i already consult it but it is rejected for my thesis proposal.the professor suggested to integrate the asterisk to android to prevent some threats in voip.but thanks pal for your comment i hope you could help me more.

Firstly, as we know this is an academic project, all you can expect is hints as to where to do your research.

However, I am having a lot of difficulty understanding your question. It might help if you described:

  • what you are trying to do; and
  • why,

using lots of short sentences. If you give a long enough description, you will repeat things in different ways. We can then check our understanding by seeing if we understand the same thing from the different descriptions.

The other thing that you should do is to repeat the same using your mother tongue.

Do not use Babelfish or Google translate, to translate into English.

im sorry for having bad english.

I’m really not sure that you are trying to do. Can you please expand on what you want to accomplish by linking Asterisk to Android?

i would like to display all incoming calls or caller id to android for blocking suspicious caller id and monitor incoming calls.