Block number from calling specific extension

Hello, I’m fairly new to Asterisk, and I’ve run into an issue where Google has failed me. Our recruiting team has been experiencing robo calls from a certain company. We can’t globally block the 800 number that’s calling because it’s a company that we actually do business with, and that CID is used for other areas of the company.

We are using FreePBX to manage Asterisk, but I haven’t found any help there.

What I would like to do is block that number from calling specific extensions without blocking the number for the rest of the extensions on the server.

Have you try to create a blacklist group and add the robo number. this service provided by freepbx free OR you can try to setup Lenny feature for your freePBX and after getting robo call you can dial *32 from freePBX, This feature automatically add last call to a black list group.

I hope that will resolve your problem :slight_smile: or if still have the same problem please describe your steps which you have performed.


Unfortunately the blacklist will block the caller globally, which I can’t do. I have to block the number for 4-5 extensions only.

if you want you can reach me at 18004197287, I will troubleshoot and do it for you.


If you want to do this in FreePBX, you are on the wrong forum.

For bare Asterisk, you can, for example, add a line in the dialplan for the destination, just after the Dial, similar to this:

exten => destination/'rogue-CLI,s,Hangup

This will be a more specific match than:

exten => destination, n,Dial()

so will be preferred.