Hi, I have tried to do all my homework before coming here, but I’m just not finding my answer. I’m new to Asterisk.

I can’t make the blacklist work. I am using freepbx, but I have also tried just adding numbers manually on the asterisk command line. I can see that the asterisk database has the blacklisted phone numbers in it, but the calls are still getting through. Tried restarts, etc. I get the feeling the solution is a no-duh, but what am I missing? vvvvr tells me this or that file can’t be found, relating to the blacklist of course, but searches on those get me nowhere, so I am thinking now those might be red herring messages.

Also, for clarification:

  1. Why is the “1” placed at the end of the phone number?

  2. In the database there is a long space followed by a colon, and then I see the “1”… that’s just the way the database handles the trailing “1”, right?

  3. Use ten-digit phone numbers, right? (I mean excluding the “1” at the end)