Set CallerID(Name) problem

Hello All,

Asterisk 1.8.2 #compiled from source
FreePBX 2.8.10
Centos 5 OS

I have Asterisk setup and working quite well. Asterisk 1.8 seems to handle nat much better than previous versions,not sure why?
Problem: I can not get the ‘outbound’ caller id NAME to show on the receiving ends phone. This is going through Google Voice setup,so this may in fact be the problem.
I have setup a cutom trunk via FreePBX and hand edited the outgoing calling rules from a well documented GV -Asterisk setup off of the web. In the outgoing dialing rules I have the following line:
exten => 12223334444,1,Set(CALLERID(name)=My Name)
I am guessing this entry may be mute beings the trunk has the ‘final say so’ as to what goes to the Google Voice server.
Is there any way I can trouble shoot this with Wireshark possibly?
The custom-trunk entry that FreePBX produces,is too complex for me to comprehend,although I see no entries in it pertaining to CALLERID.

Thank You,

Well google voice will not let you make any changes to caller name or id because the call orginates from google server. Asteris is pretending to be gtalk client so interface to dial number send sound.