Different blacklist for different queues

Hey there, this is my first post here!

We have one asterisk with a blacklist activated, but my boss told me “Can we have different blacklists for each queue?”

I’ve been searching but i didnt get anything, I suppose that I have to manually edit my dialplan, but the thruth is that I have inherited the system and we have certain custom configs that don’t help while trying to modify something

Can someone help me out? Is this even possible to do?

Thanks and regards for any information

I’m pretty sure that you are talking about some software based on Asterisk, not Asterisk itself.

By blacklist, do you mean an IP address blacklist, which would be a property of the channel driver transport, so not a something that could easily be done per queue, although possible, or do you mean a caller ID blacklist, which would need to be done by the extension that invokes Queue()?

Thanks for your answer, I guess that you are right, we are using FreePBX and blacklist is a simple function that you can enable on his interface. It’s a caller ID blacklist but it is applied to all the system. As we have many queues for different services, we want to blacklist per queue because right now a client that has been banned from one service can not contect with any other

https://community.freepbx.org/ although I think that you would need to write custom dialplan.

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