Help Disable Confirm Calls!

I use Freepbx, Asterisk 1.8.11 and Followme

I have a weird issue occurring in the Followme module (I Think). I will break down my issue as simply as possible:

  1. I dial an extension A from my extension B internally. They don’t answer, therefore it’s passed to their cellphone listed in their followme settings. In which confirm calls is disabled. This works, YAY!

  2. I call in from the outside from my cellphone. Someone answers and transfers me to extension B and when they don’t answer it sends me to their cellphone listed in followme settings. BUT, it will invoke the call confirm. BOO!

The only thing I’m aware which is different is that in the case that it doesn’t work is that I’m calling from the “outside” from my cell.

Is there an outbound setting somewhere that I am missing? I would assume that with call confirm disabled in the followme that it would apply to both internal and external calls. Any and all help is appreciated. TIA!

Support for FreePBX is provided on

My apologies I thought asterisk handled the actual forwarding of calls. Thanks!

Well it does. But FreePBX creates a dialplan that Asterisk follows to make this call bridging. And the problem lies somewhere in the configuration/dialplan and not Asterisk itself. That is why this is a FreePBX issue.