Outdialing question

I have a question that may be simple but it is avoiding me.

I have a contract employee that would like to have his cell phone dialed when someone dials his extension as well as his SIP phone. Is there a way to set that up. He is out of the office more than he is in and is also one of the options on the call tree. It would be nice to have him easily available.

follow me.

if you have freepbx it is a module. otherwise, it’s a dialplan addition.
Something similar to
exten => 123,1,Dial(SIP/123&Dial/0412345678)

would have to be
exten => 123,1,Dial(SIP/123&SIP/0412345678)

Just being picky, but then so is C and it doesn’t speak english.

Seth’s correct.

Note to self, don’t do support after midnight!

Thanks guys, the trixbox has the follow me option and does ring both extensions but when you answer the cell phone, it connects but there is no audio passing either way.

If you dial the cell phone from any extension there is no problem. Only with the follow me call from outside. not sure if this helps, but calls from follow me come in as unknown but if you dial out normally it shows the correct caller id information.

This is because the followme doesn’t do a second bridge. Look at the followme section of your dialplan and put in an answer() before the dial. This should build a “fake bridge” and solve your audio problem. The CDR is already hosed at followme time anyway.