Deleted extention but forward still there

I need to stop a forward on an extension. I have deleted the extension but the forward is still there. I have recreated the extension, logged onto that phone and stopped all forwards however the forward is still there. Can someone please help me with this?

Thanks in advanced!



Call forwarding is one of 2 ways , via the handset that does a sip reditrect or via the dialplan using an entry in the database normaly

what type of front end do you have ? if its free pbx have a look in the internal asterisk database and see if there any entries

Could you by chance walk me thru this? I am fairly new to asterisk and dont want to muck it up

SO it seems this number I can call out on and internally I can get calls but from the outside I do not even see a call for this number in the system at all

Im dumbfounded

Is the extension a DID or do the external callers go through an IVR.

You never answered the question ianplain asked about a front end. Are you using FreePBX for a web based GUI? If so, perhaps you have a problem with an inbound route.

We use Freepbx ( and Elastix) and this extention is a DID

Is that extension defined as belonging to the same context as the other extensions that can receive inbound calls from external callers?

If that is not the case, you can try to create an inbound route for that DID with the destination of the extension you are having trouble with.