Asterisk not forwarding calls to external numbers

Guys, does anyone know if there’s a special feature that’d need to be added/installed on Asterisk in order to forward calls to a cell phone/landline?.. I set up an inbound route and I have it set to an Extension with the follow me feature turned on. I included my number as 3055551212# and instructed the Inbound Route to go that extension. I hear the call being picked up, music is on, but, when it’s time to transfer, the call drops. I can’t seem to find a solution to this. All leads I have followed have been to a dead end as well. I have it installed on Centos 7, DidigitalOcean Droplet, if that would help. Thanks in advance.

If you’re using FreePBX as a GUI, then using the FreePBX community site[1] is best as it is what controls Asterisk.


Great. TY for your reply…

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