[HELP] Digium D40 xml provisioning via dhcp option 66


I usually use Polycom phones but I wanted to give a go at the new digium’s phone D series.

I have been trying to provision the Digium phones, as I do with the Polycom, with the dhcp option 66 and xml provisioning. Unfortunately I have not been able to achieve the full provisioning yet.

I can update the phone firmware, as well as the phone password but it is all about it. All the other parameters (sip configuration, time/localization, …) stays always the same. The only way I can modify these parameters is via the web interface :frowning:
I tried all the firmware versions and full xml file
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … ium+Phones

Anyone has arleady managed to provision a D40 with dhcp option 66 and xml? Any idea what I could be doing wrong? I can provide full configurations files.

Any help/pointer will be much appreciated!



If you’re going to provision the phones via XML files, you really shouldn’t use the web interface also. In fact, you’d be best served to just disable it.

I’d recommend you factory default your phone, and then point it to the XML file and see if that cures your ills.