Any mass deployment guides for Digium phones?

Hello all,

A year or so ago Digium came out with a line of their own phones. I went through the process of configuring one, it worked but only through manually logging into it’s web gui.

I had been researching, and in contact with reps and support staff off and on, but wasn’t able to get answers to a few specific questions:

  1. What config file contains the definitions for the fleet such as mac address, extension number?
  • We will need to build an in-house program to write massive numbers of phones to these files.
  1. What process may be used to easily connect a large number with little effort?

With Polycom, it is very pleasant and easy to deploy an unlimited number of phones quickly. Set up dhcp option 66, write the files, done.

The ability to do this with Digium phones will ultimately determine the success of their product.

Good news: you can configure the Digium phones also through DHCPD boot-option 66 in combination with the no-cost Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA). It works great!

You can find all information on … stallation

Digium released 2 videos on the subject. You can find them here:

I wrote a small blogpost on DPMA at

Right, Option 66 can be used to point directly to either DPMA or Switchvox servers, servers that have files that point to DPMA or Switchvox Servers, or to servers that have files that point to standard Asterisk servers (XML-only provisioning).

There’s a writeup here: … ovisioning