D40, D60 and D80 Manual XML Configuration

Hi there,
I have Digium Switchvox but don’t know how to setup the configuration of d40, d60 and d80 devices, I have no direct login to these phones and don’t know how to provision the settings from Digium Switchvox or manual for these phones.

The web login is also disabled for these phones and I don’t have option to enable from anywhere.

Can someone guide me step by step please.


Switchvox is a commercial product and is not supported by this, open source, peer support forum.

I’d suggest starting here: https://www.digium.com/support/switchvox

I know its a commercial product, but their support is so late, that’s why I need some guide lines from here if you could please.

If you’re intending to use the phones with Switchvox, unless there’s something very specific you’re wanting to do, where you’re aware you’re going to be giving up lots, then you shouldn’t be trying to provision them outside of Switchvox.

There is a fair bit of information about those phones here:
with a nod, as it pertains to provisioning them, here: