[SOLVED] DPMA and D80 - Need info

I just received my first shiny-new Digium D80.

I’ve provisioned it in Asterisk/DPMA just like the D65s I have, but it’s timing out on the network. Is there some list of differences I can refer to to get started with it? I don’t see firmwares for it listed in the download site either.

Units are making it out to customers a smidge ahead of some of our software pushes.

What firmware version are you currently running?

It’s got 1_1_2 on it currently

Okay. Firmware push out of PQ’s running a bit behind the units here (shipping seems to have happened a few days before we thought it would, so that’s nice). There’s a 1.3.2 firmware here:
that cleans up a number of things.

You’re also going to want an updated DPMA beyond the 3.3.2 that’s already out there, it’ll be a 3.4.0, and that’s on the cusp of release but isn’t pushed yet. 3.3.2 will do in a pinch though as at least it’s got the handle for setting the idle screen logo. But, there are a few things still sad, from the DPMA-side, in 3.3.2.

Issue turned out to be known bug with VLAN handling in manufacturing firmware. Issue worked-around by setting phone up with a cidr= network.

I have one of these shiny new D80 units as well but I noticed that there isn’t a provision for VLAN selection. I have a number of VLANs that we use here and on all the previous models, I was able to put in manually the VLAN to go to to get the proper IP address.

In this case, it won’t grab the correct IP but rather tries using the PC ip address which won’t work.

How do I get this phone to use the correct IP or VLAN??


Manual VLAN selection from the phone itself isn’t currently an option. The phone defaults to LLDP for VLAN assignment. You can provision the phone to manually attach to a VLAN inside of Switchvox by modifying the VLAN settings for the Phone Network:

Admin Tool > Server > Networking > Phone Networks > Edit > Advanced Settings > Virtual LAN Settings > Discovery Mode > Manual > (enter ID)

If you’re in DPMA, then you’d create a phone network (https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/DIGIUM/DPMA+Configuration#DPMAConfiguration-NetworkConfigurationOptions) with network_vlan_discovery_mode set to MANUAL, and then network_vlan_id to the ID of the VLAN on which you want the phone.

As it is a commercial product, Digium’s Support department (accessible via the means outlined at http://www.digium.com/support) is always your best stop.

As noted before for the user who originally posted this thread, you’ll want to be on 1.3.x firmware to resolve known issues with application of config elements while attached to a VLAN.