<Help> Delay on answering


Well, I finally got it working. Asterisk will now work with my incoming pstn (BT) line, and I can both ring in and out on a voip account.

However, when dialling in to * on the pstn line, there a few rings, then a silence, then asterisk begins to ring. Is this normal ?

I’m guessing it may be because I am using an x100p compatible card rather than a genuine digium … would that be correct ? or is there a fix / way around this ?

The VOIP line rings straight away on * by the way.

I am a complete novice, and have got things working more by good luck than by understanding what I have been doing !!!

Anyway, any simple answers would be appreciated …


Most likely (without looking at your dial plan or being 100% sure of what you’re describing) the delay is due to waiting to receive callerid, which happens between the first and second ring. If you care about callerid in your app (e.g., you’re doing something based on what’s in callerid), there’s no real workaround on a regular analog PSTN line.

If you aren’t trying to read and do something with callerid, then you can turn it off in your zapata.conf file and you should get normal ring through.

the Asterisk delay is to give a US telco chance to send the CallerID (2-3 ring), but in the UK we get CallerID before the first ring, so the delay is not needed. in your zapata.conf set immediate=yes to eliminate it.

of course, to get CallerID on an X100P clone i think i’m right in saying you need to patch Asterisk anyway.