3-4 second delay ringing internal phones when dialling in

When we call our analogue land line that connects into our Asterisk server you can here the ring tones on the calling phone start but the phones in the office don’t start ringing untill 2-3 rings later. If the caller hangs up the internal phones continue ringing for another 1-2 rings. It’s like Asterisk is slow to pass the call through and slow to terminate the call internally. Is there a way to get this more in sync.

Thanks all.

This is the dumb PSTN. It is very dumb - no smarts to it.
You will have this delay. It’s to do with ring detection (because of current in a PSTN line) and caller id data being sent AFTER the first ring.

To reduce the time set usercallerid (or whatever it’s called) in zapata.conf to no. (or dahdi)

Good luck.

Doing as you suggest made a significant difference, incoming calls now answer straight away using usecallerid=no, it stills rings once after hanging up the external phone but I can live with that.