Hashtag after dial number - SOLVED

Hi all.
I search help for a “problem”. Really is a question, non a real problem, but i ask myself how.
When i dial a number, external or internal, from an asterisk SIP extension, the extension whait some second before start to dial the number.
If i put an hashtag (#) after the number to dial, the extension not whait and dial the number immediatly.
How i can reduce this delayed time or how i can in asterisk put automatically the hashtag (#) after a dialed number?
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That is an “issue” with your phone. So check the phone dialplan and the timeout.

This is intresting navaismo.
This is my phone dialplan. Have you a suggest of where i can manage this delay in it?


read the manual of your device, here you can get some examples related

We can’t guess what the valid number formats are for your system.

Thank you all, expecially at ambiorixg12, whit your link i can understand better the dialplan and simplify mine one.


I need “immediatly dial” only in 3 digits internal number and the S0 option is what i need (S and ZERO).
The |xxxS0| part of mi dialplan is what make it possible.
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