Is any way to finish patern by pressing "#"?

Please HELP !
I don’t know how long phone number will be. I’m using patern:
exten => _NXX.,n,Dial(SIP/…

System understands that phone number has entered (dialed compleatly) by digit timeout, which is WASTE OF TIME!
Is any way to finish entering phone number by pessing hash button (#)? For instance dialed number as 16312766125# system should process a call right away after # button pess.
Is any ideas how make it work ???

Guys, if anyOne knows - please answer! I realy need this feature.

err … asterisk doesn’t get the dialled digits until your UA sends them … so what phones are you using ? have you been through their config looking for a termination character or digit timeout ?

I’m getting phone calls from PSTN, then my IVR asks to enter a phone number. After that I’m DIALing this number by ${EXTEN} to my VoIP provider. As I’ve sayed there is time delay (digit respond) before phone number will be processed (DIALed). If it would be posible to press “#” and interpretate this “#” as end of phone number - DIAL command would able to process a call right away without waisting time for responce digit delay…

given that you haven’t posted details of your IVR, the best i can do is point you to read the details of the Read() application …

if your IVR is using a Read(), then a)you can use # to terminate the read, and b)you can set your own timeout.