Possible to remove # key or shorten extension matching time?

To cut things short, I am trying to shorten the extension matching time after I dialed a set of number. I have timed the asterisk system and found out that it require 3 seconds from i key in dialed number till asterisk execute the first dialplan of the extension. The system responds almost immediately when keying the pound(#) key. If possible, I would like the system to detect the dialed numbers without the use of pound key.

BTW, the Asterisk box is connected to VoIP Analog Telephone Adaptor and then connected to an analog phone. Hopefully anyone would be kind enough to give some advice, no matter is hardware, dialplan config or source-code editing wise. Thanks in advance.

this isn’t a function of Asterisk, but of the ATA you’re using. that will also have a dialplan and digit timeout that you’ll need to modify to suit your preferences.

what ATA is it, what timeout is set, and what dialplan does it use ? and where are you, and what numbering schemes are in place in your locale ?

Many ATA devices allow you to create internal dialplans. Codes of phone number or extension formats that the ATA will recognize as complete numbers.

When they’re sold, they’re usually be setup with a north american dial plan. These can be changed pretty easily to match your Asterisk dialplan.

Specifically, you might have to add something like 3xx if you have extensions that are three digits long, and start with a 3, or 91nxxxxxxxxx if you want callers to have to dial 9 to get an outside line, and then dial ten digits.

Once you build the dialplan, the ATA will check your dialed digits against it’s internal dialplan. When it gets a match, it proceeds with the call.

So far I’m still new to Asterisk and only made simple Playback() of sounds files on dial number 777, no out going dialplan has been written. As for my dialplan, I have tried to include DigitTimeout() but the it will only execute after 3 seconds of delay time. Also, all my user contexts are configure within SIP.conf. I am using ZyXEL Prestige 2002L ATA for my system, and I think it does not have any dialplans for the user to edit on. Perhaps I should edit the SIP Server Setting on my ATA to shorten the time? Any help or suggestions are welcomed.

PS: I used Asterisk@Home v2.8 currently, but I was told that it functions the same as manual installation of asterisk on any linux distro. Hopefully it does not affect the topic we are discussing.

having downloaded and read the manual (you should have a look), it would appear that you are stuck with either pressing the # key or waiting for the dial timeout which doesn’t seem to be configurable.

if it’s important to you, buy another. i use a LinkSys PAP2 and it works fine.

after testing for some time, i found out that it was the Dialing Interval made the system to wait when not pressing the pound key. i could only pick from 3 to 5 intervals at most, guess i’m out of option with ZyXel :confused:

however, i tested sipura 3000 (SPA-3000) and found out that the delay could made up to 10 seconds long. :open_mouth: I know sipura 3000 is a common gadget among you guys and i hope you guys could give me some advice on this. Thanks in advance.

baconbuttie: yea, you got the point in some way. thanks for the trouble for helping me out :wink:

guess today is my lucky day, 2 problems solved in a row. :smiley: To shorten the wait time, use your web browser to access the sipura config menu. Look under Regional and edit the value beside Interdigit Long Timer.

Thanks for all the help, and Google Groups is such an evil place. :smiling_imp: