GXP-2000 and transfer to voicemail

Is there any way of transfering a call directly to voicemail on the GXP-2000 phones?


Dont know about that phone but you can do it in the dial plan see link

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … l+Dialplan

Thanks Rusty, I appreciate the link. I actually have that part working… just seems that when I hit the TRNSFR button on the phone, and I press * to start the *123, it just returns to the call…

Was hoping someone could explain what i’m doing wrong.

I am having the same problem. I had it working using ** (I am using *+ extension for intercom). If I dial the ** manually it will go to voicemail. If I use the speed dial it won’t. The only change in the GXP-2000 settings I can think of had to do with enabling call waiting for more than one line appearance.

I am using the latest firmware. Dialing manual works. Speed dial does not. The speed dial type setting is “Speed Dial” and the account is “account 1” I have the button labeled XFRVM and the value “**”.

Any ideas?

at the CLI type “show features”. do you have anything using * ? the default action for * is a disconnect.

if you’re using a FreePBX-based installation, perhaps consider using a numeric prefix for “direct-to-voicemail”, e.g. ‘9’. or assign a different code for disconnect in features.conf

It does show disconnect call, but why does it work if you manually type it vs. speed dial and why did it work for a week then stop? I tried to change the settings back on the phone from memory, but couldn’t get the speed dial to work with those variations.

I changed my features.conf. Still no Joy on ** for voicemail.

show features
Builtin Feature Default Current

Pickup *8 *8
Blind Transfer # #1
Attended Transfer
One Touch Monitor
Disconnect Call * 666

Dynamic Feature Default Current


Call parking

Parking extension : 700
Parking context : parkedcalls
Parked call extensions: 701-729

parkpos => 701-729
context => parkedcalls
parkingtime => 70
courtesytone = beep
xfersound = beep
xferfailsound = beeperr
findslot => first
pickupexten = *8
featuredigittimeout = 500
transferdigittimeout => 3

blindxfer => #1
;automon => *1
;atxfer => *2
disconnect => 666