Grandstream GXP2000 and call transfer

Hi all

We have setup a GXP2000 as our main “switchboard” phone. We are wanting to allow the receptionist to transfer calls in the following manner

  1. receive the incoming call
  2. Transfer to the appropriate extension (this will place the caller on hold)
  3. Speak to the person at that extension
  4. put the receiver down (thereby taking the caller of hold)

at the moment the transfer simply transfers the call directly to the extension without the receptionist being able to talk to the person at that extension

My question is this: Is this is a gxp2000 function or an asterisk function? if it is the phone, can it do this and how? if it is asterisk how do we implement this?

We are using AAH2.8 and Freepbx 2.1.1

thanks in advance


I have almost setup our office with around 34 grandstream 2000 phones and on asterisk 1.2.8 and the way we transfer the call is.

Customer is on line1 (line 1 light is Red)

To do an attended transfer do the following.

a. Select a free line button. (caller will go on hold and hear hold music.)
b. Dial the extension.
c. You can tell the person 'you have a call for them.'
d. Press TRNF button and the original line button to transfer call.

Hope this helps.


i hope our receptionist can get her hands around that :laughing: