False ringing in asterisk

Hi All,

I am facing below issues with my Asterisk system can anyone help me.

  1. Customer phone is switched off but my calling agent listen ring.
  2. Agent listen proper ring but when I check with customer no call was landing on his phone.

and apart from this most of the time we dont listen proper network announcement. I have tried to resolve the same by telco provider but still not resolved.

Thanks in advance

Remove the Ringing() application call. Remove the r option on Dial or (I think Queue). Change provider for the B side of the call. Which one is appropriate depends on where ring back is being introduced.

Basically, your question cannot be answered without more detail. It is also likely to depend on the channel technology used. Analogue/DAHDI is likely to be very different from SIP (SIP or PJSIP)…

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