Calls come in, no ring heard by caller

I just rolled out an asterisk system and I’m having a problem. When a user calls in to an extension, the phone rings, but the caller doesn’t hear ringing, no sound until the call is picked up. I tried using ringing(), but I don’t think i’m using it properly.

Here is what I have:

exten => 2,1,Answer
exten => 2,2,Ringing()
exten => 2,3,Dial(SIP/jonathan,15)

Please help!


I don’t think you need to tell it to ring…at least I haven’t seen that function before. I’m a bit of a noob… just a warning.


Just for grins, change your third line to:

exten => 2,3,Dial(SIP/jonathan,15,r)

and see if it works. I haven’t used the Ringing() application, but I use the r option alot. Never a problem.

what type of endpoint are you using? audible ringing is the responsibility of the endpoint - all asterisk is going to send (via SIP) is that the device should be ringing, it’s up to the device to determine HOW to ring (audible, flashing lights, etc).

check your endpoint settings first.