Error al install module DPMA

I have installed the latest version of Asterisk, and I’m trying to install the module for mobile DIGIUM DPMA and I get the following error in the process of loading the module.

loader.c: Error loading module ‘’: / usr / lib / asterisk / modules / undefined symbol: ast_msg_tech_unregister

loader.c: Module ‘’ could not be loaded.

quisera know if I need of some other component or another version of asterisk to complete the installation of the DPMA

Are you using a Digium certified version of Asterisk?

I’m not using a certificate asterisk

how could I get a certificate asterisk?

or is there some way to upgrade my asterisk to an asterisk certificate? … d-asterisk

There is a way to convert my asterisk to asterisk certificate?

See the section entitled Q: How do I download Certified Asterisk?

in the above link.

thank you very much for the download links.

the only solution is to download a certificate asterisk?

Certified Asterisk is a separate branch of Asterisk.

Here’s a blog post on it: … -asterisk/

and another one: … come-from/